NYFW 2016 featuring Amber Poitier jewelry

February 18, 2016  •  2 Comments

On Tuesday February 16th, 2016 I had the pleasure of attending a another NYFW16 fashion presentation by Amber Poitier.  Naturally as her being my client, I made it a priority to be part of her first fashion week event.  Breath, Pray, Love was the name of the presentation.  The creations were displayed in gallery format making if easy for viewers to get a close up look at the amazing creations by Alicia Appleton, owner of Amber Poitier.  Her ability to create jewelry from leather, stones and precious metals is not the best part.  It's her ability to add intricate detail and cuts that some consider a disappearing art in this world.  The crowd was in awe and the jewelry flew from the display tables as fast as they had placed them.  Pop star and anti-bullying/mental health icon Meredith O'Connor stopped by and was in love with the Aurora piece.  

Meredith O'Connor and Alicia Appleton, owner of Amber Poitier. 

Look at the intricate detailing on the clutch.

​Closer look at the detailing involved in her leather creations. 

The crowd was filled with fashionistas, fashion reporters and fans alike!  I also had the pleasure of running into many of my team members during the event.  It was definitely a successful show for Amber Poitier. 

Event makeup artist and Jose Pagan Photography team member Rayyan Akhdar.

Fashion stylist Steffany Bready-Edwards. 

The shows creative director and good friend Nailah Lymus.  

left to right:  Jose Pagan, Tamara Walker Publicist and Steffany Bready-Edwards.

Nailah Lymus with newly minted plus model Paola Garcia.


Alicia Appleton(non-registered)
Thank you for coming and covering our premiere for New York Fashion Week. We love your work and look forward to our next shoot with you!
Ja Tawn(non-registered)
I had a wonderful time! Bravo to everyone involved
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