Jose Pagan Photography | National Conference of Artists's 57th annual artist exhibition. "World Vision"

National Conference of Artists's 57th annual artist exhibition. "World Vision"

February 21, 2016  •  1 Comment

Last year I received a message from Wesley Beeks, NCA President of the New York Chapter.  We spoke on the phone and he said are you ready?  I've been on my artistic journey for a while and I undoubtedly said yes.  It is said by some that people watch the development of artist on social media and Wesley said that he was watching my growth and that he would be calling upon me to share my vision.  Then late last year he pegged me as one of the artist to be featured at the 57th annual gallery exhibition. I then knew that my career had taken a turn for the better.  To have a curator reach out and tell me that I have a unique vision that he admired made me fill up with positive emotions.  As a self taught artist we sometimes go unnoticed due to many factors such as connections, social origins, etc.  I never gave up on hope knowing that one day the right people in the art world will see my presence for what it simply is, divine creations in its rawest form and Wesley was one of them.  His recruitment along with Lydia Clark, board member of the NCA NY chapter put together a magnificent team of artist that I am proud to have been presented along side.  He saw samples of my current project Chakralicious and said I love it and I want it in the exhibit.  My approach for this project was spiritual and he noted that the nudity was risqué but that he was putting it in the show regardless.  I was thrilled to see a curator believe in me and my vision.  Finally I had an avenue to present my work, unedited for public consumption.  I printed three pieces for the exhibition, however when I met the onsite curator Greg Mills at the Adam Clayton Powell state building that changed.  Greg said, so how do you photo shop the lights into your work?  I looked at him and said it's not photoshopped.  I walked him through the creative process for the series and he looked at me and said I want to put up more of your work.  You know at this point I was ready and able to provide all my current prints to the cause.  You see as a spiritual person I was intrigued by the mission of the this exhibition.  NCA wanted to explore as artist our view of our world.  They wanted to showcase our divine connections within our very souls through our art.  I believe that most artist have this perception due to our sensitive connection to the universe.  The way we view our life and the interactions with others was key to this presentation.  Now back to my Chakralicious series.  It is a project that shed light on our human connection.  It's a visual light story of the energy we create and how it affects others.  Waiving around fire torches and light wands in the dark was not the only motivation for this project, it was my connection with my subjects that was important to me. My connection with my muses is a spiritual one and I present this visual journey so that the peace we capture can be shared with those seeking peace and harmony, especially in these times of war and hate.  

Above are samples from the Chakralicious series.  The one on the left is currently on display at the NCA exhibition, it is called "Light of Serenity".  The far right is called "Radiance".


The set up was an eyeful, and I was thrilled to walk through the gallery doors.  To be along side other fine artist such as Greg Mills, Gerald Jones, creator of "The Gathering", Derick Cross; La Ronz Murray; and Evan Bishop, whose piece called, "Charlotte's Chakras" with obvious reasons caught my eye, just to name a few.  I felt the good vibrations from all the artists in attendance and I felt right at home.  It wasn't a frivolous and detached crowd, I was in the presence of people that valued true artistic connections with the pieces and the individuals that created them.  I would love to thank Wesley, Lydia and all of my associates and friends that were in attendance.  Your support for local and grassroots artists is paramount.  New York is full of the most brilliant artistic minds in the nation.  It is the center of the world and we providing you with a look into local art, culture and enlightenment.  Please join us Saturday February 27th and the 29th for our closing show.  The location is The Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building at 163 west 125th street, New York, NY. Viva La Arts! 

Curator Wesley Beeks and artist Jose Pagãn


Images above are from the Artist talk and walk through.  Bottom right image is from he 320BodyArt spoken word performance. 

Images Below are from some of my friends, family and associates that were in attendance. 

Above: 320BodyArt 

Below are some of the works at the exhibition.  

Artist on display till February 28th: 

Queen Bilquis-Harmon
Evan Bishop
Rudy Collins
Derick Cross
Vanez Cruz
Ramani Edmonson
Wilhelmina Grant
Kim Hamilton
Arnold Hinton
Gerald Jones
Elton Leonard
Greg Mills
Cheryl Mills-Haigler
Laronz Murray
Jose Pagan
Thurston Randall, Jr.
Moses Ros
Deborah Singletary
Jonathan Wuso

All work in the images are copyright of the respected artists. 













Wilbur Pack, Jr.(non-registered)
It was an honor and a privilege to be present and able to support you in this endeavor, Jose. Your creativity and talent are boundless. May God continue to bless you and bathe you in His light.
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