Jose Pagan Photography | Client Spotlight: PATHP

Client Spotlight: PATHP

April 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Todays client spotlight is about a Hip-Hop lyricist from Brooklyn by the name of PATHP.  I had the extreme honor of photographing him, but we will talk about that later.  PATHP is short for "Positioned At The Highest Point."  He likes to create what he calls "Human Music", which are thoughts and everyday experiences put down on paper and shared with his listeners.  Last night I had the opportunity to finally see his performance live in the famed Silvana located at 116th street in Harlem, NYC.  P performed with his band The Journey which complements his clean and straight forward vocal talents.  As I walked down the stairs to the stage area I caught the band fine tuning their instruments and getting prepped for the show to come.  P and his band were among several artists that were performing there for a larger tour called the Anthem's International Music Festival.  The festival benefits multiple international philanthropic organizations and gives the opportunity to one act at the chance to tour Africa and Europe with all expenses paid.  Now back to to my experience,  as I passed the stage which is almost at floor level I met up with the man himself.  I greeted PATHP and he said we up next.  I took a position close to the stage to make sure I would immerse myself in the pure sounds of the band ripping the instruments.  PATHP stood up on the stage and grabbed the mic.  I grabbed my phone and opened my Instagram app and caught this first moment of his opening song.  

​PATHP and I after his strong performance.  A little H2o after ripping it! 


His music is real.  It's an expression that is missing in mainstream today.  We are constantly fed what the big labels want us to hear that we forget to express our true experiences.  PATHP tells his story in a way that uplifts your mind and makes you think.  He performed three more songs after this one and each was just as powerful and enlightening as the previous.  The bands sound was clean and penetrated your soul.  I'm a big fan of live instruments and this show satisfied that palate.  Even when the performance ended he was still giving back to the community.  All the proceeds from that nights performance was going to the kids affected by the tainted water of Flint, Michigan.  P is a champion of social justice and it shows.  His motives are not superficial and you can feel it in his vocal delivery.  Check out one his videos titled "Cigarettes and Chocolate."


Back on March 16th, 2016 I had the opportunity to photograph this lyrical beast at the X Collective studio in the Bronx.  Did I mention that I was on the cover last year for his magazine FunktheFormula?  I was featured with several other photographers from the New York City area in the April 2015 issue, and PathP aka Colin Lawton is the Editor and Photographer!  This mans artistry is amazing and he captured me in a light that I myself didn't think was possible.  When he approached me and hired me to take his headshot I was humbled to say the least.  He was excited to be in front of my lens this time around.  He loved the way I have been photographing other artist in the city and he wanted in on the action.  My setup is simple but he knew what he desired and that was my eye.  I was honored to train my lens on him and capture his essence.  We transversed every emotional plane in order to capture the different faces of PATHP.  Remember P creates "Human Music", so I wanted to show you the Human PATHP.  Below are some of what we created during our session.

PATHP is dope to just put him in one word.  What we created is just a sample of the creative world we live in.  I was thrilled to memorialize his likeness in time.  For more of PATHP and his performances check out his social media links below.



Instagram:  PATHPMUSIC


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