Jose Pagan Photography | Around Town in Atlanta for my PhotoTour2016 visit

Around Town in Atlanta for my PhotoTour2016 visit

August 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Around town in Atlanta on August 10th, 2016.

What can I say?  My first visit to Atlanta was memorable.  Planning and executing this trip was fulfilling.  This was my second major tour stop and 4th U.S. city visit for the year.  I took the time out to go on the town and take in Atlanta's offerings.  My first stop was the Dr. Martin Luther King Historical district.  This location at 449 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta, GA was an important go to site.  To see the tomb of this leader was definitely a special moment.  Seeing the neighborhood  and house where he grew up was surreal.  It is one location I implore you to visit on your visit to this beautiful city.  I then cruised around town and stopped at the Peachtree Center area where I wanted to get a feel of Atlanta's downtown city life.  Here I took a much needed lunch break at Hooters which offered an open area in which I could vape and enjoy a tall glass of Guinness.  It was definitely slower but still had a unique feeling that welcomed me.  The next stop was the Olympic Centennial park.  I wanted to step on another historic site to soak in the vistas and atmosphere that once held an Olympic event.  This was such a peaceful park with beautiful waterfalls and scenery that held your attention.  Watching the kids running through the water fountain made this a classic memory that will be forever stamped in my mind.  I wish I had a photoshoot setup for this location, it would have been magical.  I made my way to the Little 5 Points area but then this big cloud parked right over me and just didn't stop raining up me.  I didn't leave before capturing one shot of the Vortex's entrance with it's big skull.  I then jumped back in the rental and drove even further north to the Buckhead area shops.  Once I arrived I realized that it was way out of my price range to shop in so I took my behind to a rural movie theater to catch the new Purge movie.  Yes it's violence but I just love that series LOL!  Well, that ended a fun filled day, but before you go check out some of what I took with my phone and compact camera on this journey.  Cheers! 


New Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Birth home of MLK Jr. 

Original Ebenezer Baptist Church in which MLK Jr. held his sermons.

Actual tomb in which MLK Jr. is buried. 


Atlanta's streetcar.

Escalator to Atlanta's underground transit service. 



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