Jose Pagan Photography | Photo Tour 2016 Atlanta Edition with Jose Pagãn!

Photo Tour 2016 Atlanta Edition with Jose Pagãn!

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When I left my day job last year I dreamed of traveling and shooting abroad and taking my photography to a new level.  When January hit I started to see hear more and more models from out of state keep telling me how theyd wish I were in their state.  This made the wheels turn in my head because it's hard for an up and coming model to fly me out to where they lived.  On top of that most models don't have the money to pay for my services by themselves.  But I needed a way to offer my services without going in the red myself.  So I said to myself, maybe I can go to those cities and shoot everyone in one day.  I could also charge them a super low price and give them a taste of what I had to offer.  I wanted the models to know why it was worth paying for my full services.  Most that have worked with me know that i'm like Geico, you give me 15 minutes and you'll walk away with a full shoot!  I also believe that those starting out should have a chance to experience quality service so I set out and planned my PhotoTour2016 adventure.  I took polls and asked around the industry and the states that kept coming up were Atlanta, Florida, Maryland, Virginia and even Canada.  I went and ventured out to Philadelphia and shot one model and got so thrilled that I went ahead and shot my first official stop in Virginia beach.  With the help of model Shana Harris (IG: @plusmodelshana) and MUA L Payne (IG: @lpaynemua), we put it together and pulled it off.  It was hot and it was humid but we rocked it out.

After the Virginia Beach trip I had my sights set on Atlanta.  I had more time to plan and market this stop after learning my lesson with the southern sun.  At first the reception was luke warm, even after getting a lot of requests to visit them.  But I kept on with my marketing and reaching out to models.  I also had the help of Nedra Phillips who was my Atlanta contact and helped me with getting the word out in the Big A.  With just a day away I had a few more sign ups and was now ready to take flight.  With the help of Nathan Pearcy, I selected Gia Studios (IG: @giastudiosatl) in the suburbs of Atlanta.  It was the perfect location with two Cyc walls, AC and plenty of room.  I knew magic was about to taking place there.  I booked my hotel, air and car and headed over to this beautiful city.  I just love the feel of a new city.  I love to feel like a tourist and I dress for the part (dont judge me lol).  I took a visited Gia Studios and met up with Nathan who gave me a tour and filled me in on all the fine details.  I was fired up and was ready to seize the week.  On August 11th and 12th I entered the studio and was met with the brightest and beautiful Atlanta and the surrounding area had to offer.  I had Atlantas own Patrice Story (IG:@patricestory_makeupartist)in charge of Makeup and we were ready to make magic!  What my clients brought to the studio in the way of garments made me proud.  They knew it was a special occasion and dressed for it!  The first day I entered studio B and had the honor of meeting and shooting Nicole Buchanan(IG: @purplehairplusmodel), Lisa Rachel(IG: @lisarachel29), Nedra Phillips (IG: @arden6), Telethia Penn (IG: @telethiap) and Wondrea Gilmore (IG: @wondreayg).  These women brought their A game and we took it full tilt.  I love the way they posed and made the most of their time.  And of course I cant get over the pieces they wore, from flirty dresses to regal see thru gowns that would make any red carpet blush.  Ill put behind the scenes at the end, just bear with me.

On the second day I had the pleasure of shooting Nikki Carter (IG: @nikkiplusmodel), Mel Faison (IG: @saamooaaa) and Pamela Staley.  They too must have gotten the memo and dressed for the shoot as if it was their last!  I was so excited when I saw those garments get put on the rack and was ready to get some serious work in at that moment.  Needless to say we ended the shoots in rare form and everyone made magic even special guest hairstylist for Nedra, Kwame.  (IG: @kwamendcity), Wardrobe stylist for Wondrea, Kerry Gatewood (IG: @theflyydiva188) and Kateea Scott (IG: @mzprettysagg), who ended up being my on set assistant for day 2 of the shoot.  Designer Tyrell Holmes of "Duke N Dutchess (IG: @tyrellholmes) was also in the building overseeing his beautiful creation for Nedra.  I was so blessed to have been in the company of these talented individuals and send my deepest thanks and appreciation for helping me make the PhotoTour2016 Atlanta edition a success! 

I have my eyes set out on a few more locations in and around the U.S.  Stay tuned for your city!  Now keep scrolling to see BTS of the fun!


Gia Studios manager Nathan Pearcy and I before the big shoot.

Model Lisa Rachel and I after our session.

The beautiful Wondrea Gilmore and I after her moment in front of my lens.

The official MUA for my shoot Patrice Story working on model Nedra Phillips. 

Designer Tyrell Holmes with model Nedra Phillips.

Nedra wearing a Tyrell Holmes piece with wardrobe stylist Kerry Gatewood.

Nicole Buchanan and I after her moment on the floor.


Camera was sizzling after the first group of women!

The Native American super model Nikki Carter and I after her fantastic session.

Pamela and I after her fun set.

Samoan beauty Mel O. Faison and I after her beautiful session. 

Mel and Kateea couldn't contain their excitement.  

From Live Facebook broadcast on August 11th by Telethia Penn with my phone. 

From Live Facebook broadcast on August 11th by Wondrea Gilmore on my phone.

From Live Facebook broadcast by Kateea Scott on my phone. 

Live Facebook broadcast by Patrice Story on my phone. 


All photos and video copyrighted by Jose Pagan Photography

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